Saturday, January 27, 2007

working in an igloo

it is so cold here. there is only a dusting of snow but the windows are covered in ice.
my desk as i get ready to work today.
my palette is a modified diptych picture frame. at art school, they had us get a sheet of glass and duct tape it to a piece of foam core. this design wasn't very portable and they often broke.
when i went home for the summer, i told my father about it. i was thinking he could make me something out of wood that could fold in half like a clam shell. he thought of the picture frame, which he modified with new countersunk hinges so it would open flat, a latch to keep it closed and a handle to carry it. after over ten years of use it is encrusted with paint and nicked but i have never had to replace the glass.
and having a palette that can be quickly closed is great with a curious toddler in the house.