Saturday, January 03, 2009

"It's to remember you in the entire"*

i have this tendency to listen to a new song or a new album over and over and over again. (have i told you this before?) Nelson asks if i am trying to memorize it. And yes, i suppose in a way i am,. i listen until all the surprises are known and then until it becomes background music.

the latest is the Decemberists Always the Bridesmaid single in particular "Record Year" and because it had me wondering and i did guess, well, almost--Proserpina is the "daughter of Ceres and wife of Pluto, L. modification of Gk.
Persephone (q.v.), perhaps infl. by L. proserpere "to creep forth" on notion of the germination of plants."**

*Record Year, the Decemberists
**thank you to Mr. Douglas Harper (
entry #3.)
photo: december sunset from the car on 1-90 upstate new york.
how are you still reading the tiny print and not going to download the song?