Saturday, February 28, 2009

how do you squeeze writing a novel into a full schedule?

write after bedtime--a carefully crafted bedtime that segues into at least 20 minutes (often more) of uninterrupted writing time. one child asleep, the other (also possibly asleep) down stairs with Papa (thank you, ergo.) It is a whole family effort. (thank you, family.)

So the page-a-day plan* is totally working. (89 pages in 58 days actually. having a surplus makes the nights when i
absolutely cannot get to my desk or once at my desk produce nothing but crossouts a lot easier to bear. also giving myself all of 2009 to finish a first draft helps, too.)

if i was writing for food this would be way too slow but as this is on top of everything else it feels like a bonus, fun even (on the "good days," anyway.)

i wonder a lot about how mothers with small children get creative art/writing things done. (family help, babysitters as Hillary Lang explains, and as i am finding a small bit of work everyday that builds up and keeps you going. also
not letting myself talk me into quitting on the "bad days.")

And how am i even writing this? one asleep in the ergo carrier, the other downstairs with Nona.

*not my invention. cory doctorow explains it well

on the ipod: the submarines. you can check out how i listen to the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER at my last FM page. i am definately one of the reasons for which headphones were invented.